The Jersey shore is a popular place in the summer. It offers visitors a place to cool off, swim and just kick back and relax. One stretch of vacation nirvana is found along the barrier island known as the Barnegat Peninsula. On the east side of the island is the nice sandy beach and the Atlantic Ocean while the west is bordered by Barnegat Bay.

This sameness is just about the only thing that stays the same though as you travel from one end of the peninsula to the other. Each of the numerous boroughs found along the way has its own distinctive personality. Let’s take a look at some of these communities and check out what they offer.

The northernmost communities are just south of the Manasquan River and include two towns, Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach. The latter is typical Jersey shore but with a family feel and its own commercial boardwalk. Here you can also find a small commercial fishery, complete with a seafood co-op and a number of nice little restaurants.

There are also hotels, motels and like all the rest of the places on the peninsula, a lifeguard protected beach. To get on the beach, and support the lifeguards, you will need to buy beach badges. There are daily, weekly and seasonal rates. Point Pleasant is just west of Point Pleasant Beach and is more of a settled community than a summer vacation destination. There is an old downtown area (with a lot of antique stores) and some other very business districts.

Moving south, the next community is Mantoloking. Here there is a connection to the mainland, via a bridge that crosses the bay. Mantoloking is old time fancy. Many of the homes, especially along the beach, are very large and quite expensive. Tourism per say is not as important here, as there is little commercial activity in town, no boardwalk and few accommodations available to folks that do not own property here.

Further south will bring you to Normandy Beach, Chadwich Beach and Dover Beaches South. The look and feel of the homes here are in sharp contrast to what is found just north in Mantoloking. Some areas of these communities consist of rows of small bungalows that are accessed by narrow sand lanes. Along the bay though are many larger and fancier homes, many of which contain Barnegat Bay access and docks right outside the back door of each property.

Moving along, one next finds Lavallette and Ortley Beach. While these towns are distinctive enough, as a whole they are much more similar to one another in comparison to the other towns just mentioned. Here their once were mostly smaller beach bungalows, but over the years most of these have been replaced by larger homes. There are also a few hotels and motels, condos and plenty of rental homes. There are also some commercial areas along route 35 and more amenities.

Seaside Heights is the next stop and this is the busiest and wildest borough of them all. It has a large commercial boardwalk with two amusement piers and lots of arcades, games, places to eat and bars. A summer weekend in Seaside is like spring break in Florida. Lots of teenagers. Wild parties. And a packed beach during the day.

Next is Seaside Park. This is somewhere between Mantoloking and Lavallette/Ortley Beach in its feel. Some nice old and large homes, quieter and more family oriented than the more commercialized Seaside Heights and some small commercial areas with stores, shops and places to eat.

Finally the last ten miles of the Barnegat Peninsula is a different kind of wild. Island Beach State Park is undeveloped barrier island. Very unusual for NJ and a sharp contrast to the rest of the paved over peninsula. You can even find wild foxes living among the dunes and maritime forest in the park.

As you can see, this roughly 20 miles of coastal barrier island offers quite a variety of places to visit. In some ways it is all the same while you are lounging on the beach, but what you want do (or can) do off the beach during your summer vacation on the Barnegat Peninsula can have a lot to do with where you stay. Article Source:

Knowing More About Caricature Drawings

Caricature drawings are different from the standard drawing that we often see. These images are done with intentional distortion of the subject in mind. Hence, this is more difficult compared to the usual drawings that we know of. This is done focusing more on the features of the subject that makes the person more recognizable.  However, the subject’s flaws must never be too emphasized to the extent of losing his or her likeness.

To keep the image familiar, look for the characteristics on the subject that needs to be minimized and identify features that need to be maximized. However, if you do not follow this principle and draw the opposite like drawing a small head of a person that has a large head, your drawn image will surely look unfamiliar since it will be losing the likeness of the subject. So if you plan to draw Jay Leno, you need to draw him with a large chin and when you choose Mick Jigger as your subject, he must be drawn with a big mouth.

But what does the word caricature really means? Well, it is simply a representation (literary or pictorial) where the subject’s peculiar features are intentionally exaggerated to come up with a grotesque effect. If you know how to draw people’s portrait and has full understanding of a human face, you will surely be able to draw someone’s caricature.

You can click here to know the techniques in drawing these types of images or surf online for more information about caricatures. However, you need to understand that you can never learn how to draw caricatures when you don’t know how to do a portrait in the first place.  Just visit us if you need help or you can also check online for free tutorials on how to draw caricatures. You will surely find this hobby not just fun but truly rewarding.

Why Hire Professional Snow Removal Services?

Snowfall creates hindrance for the people who live in areas where there is heavy snowfall, it becomes problem for them. Every winter, people face problems in travelling from one place to another because of heavy snowfall and that blocks their driveways and roads. To ensure effective snow removal, you need to call snow removal services that can help you with this problem. Here are reasons why you should hire them:

Latest Equipment– The traditional method of removing snow includes a shovel and blower; which are very time consuming and tedious. But hiring the professional companies is more efficient because they will have the latest equipment and technology to remove snow within a short period of time. The winter snow removal services provide all services related to snow plowing.

Manpower– To remove all the ice from the driveway and road it requires large manpower. Even if it’s backyard, it requires a lot of effort and manpower to deal with a snowy mess. Professional companies have sufficient manpower to clear backyard and road. Don’t attempt to clear on your own, when you can easily hire professionals.

Time saving- Traditional ways consume much time to complete the snow removal work. But the professional companies ensure that your time is not wasted and your driveway and roads are cleared in time and makes easy for everyone to move out for their work.