Advatrim – Is it really a Diet Pill?

Excess fat where you don’t need it is a problem, especially for the young generation of females. You lose body shape and your confidence along with it. The remedy most people believe in is to go after diet pills. The diet pill manufacturing companies have a field day and come out with various products to fulfill this requirement. Advatrim is just one of them.

This diet pill, in which many people have talked about is said to have quite a number of natural ingredients, namely green tea, grape seed extract, cocoa extract and ginger. It also has a number of chemicals and vitamins, such as pantothenic acid, vitamin B3, vitamin c, magnesium, L- tyrosine, L-Methionine, DMAE and Quercitin, but none of these have proven qualities of weight loss.

The green tea is an effective treatment for weight loss but not at the concentration this pill has. Caffeine, the actual ingredient in green tea, which has the ability to burn fat, has to be at least at a concentration of 400 mg to be effective for the purpose.

Fuck off- it’s not good!

With all of this evidence, it is clear that advatrim is not an effective drug on weight loss. It appears to be an imitation of the drug Hoodiadrene which has the same formula as this one. Most sources say that it is the same drug sold with another name.

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With all the available evidence, what we can conclude is that this is not a good treatment for the reduction of body fat and the end result loss of weight.

Beware of Dodgy Free Trail Dealers

We have all felt the draw of ‘free trials’. Offering consumers what appears to be a month’s free supply of product X, this deal looks too good to be true, and unfortunately it is.

Despite continued warnings to consumers to not trust free Acai Berry trials, and to always read the small print, thousands are still being falsely charged for products they do not want.

Take the recent case of Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. Deceptively advertising ‘free trails’ of their Acai Berry product (plus on numerous other health products), once individuals signed up to these trials they found it difficult, if not impossible, to cancel these registrations. Instead they were left being charged month after month for a product they did not want.

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What was the CNN case?

Accused of shipping to and falsely charging consumers for products they had specifically deselected during the ordering process, the case of CCN was triggered when 100’s of disgruntled customers contacted the Attorney General Terry Goddard’s office.

During the course of the enquiry it was discovered that CNN had hide references of their re-billing and ‘bonus products’ policies in the small print, making it impossible for consumers to see ‘the catch’.

However, worse than this was the way CNN handled their complaints: never responding to emails and leaving customers whom wished to complain on hold for over an hour, their blatant disregard for their customers needs added to the fact that they were actively seeking to mislead them with these trials.

Free trail dilemma

The case of CNN is just one of hundreds to have occurred as a result of free trails. Across numerous brands, Hoodia, Acai Berry, fat binders… you can find numerous instances of ‘free trail offers’ that have been designed to dupe consumers out of their money.

Despite this, the use of ‘free’ or ‘reduced’ trails (which are subject to price increases) have been around for a long time. And if approached legally and correctly, for example by providing clear documentation of their rebilling system, are in fact not considered wrong.

The only problem with such an offering occurs when a corporation actively seeks to mislead their consumers and does not inform them of the consequences of their order or the problems of cancelling it.

Have you been affected by a free trial offer?

In the case of CNN, $350,000 was won and redistributed to their consumers, so if you have experienced such a scam in the past, CNN is proof that you can seek amends for it.

Aside from contacting these companies directly, it is now possible to complain online, as in the case of the individual below:


Through the complaints board Anna was able to launch an official complaint against AcaiBerryDetox’s false advertising and seek compensation.

To make a complaint against an acai berry product or any other health product, simply visit and add a post.

Quality Acai Berry Products

It is important to remember that acai berry is not to blame in the CNN case, and that you should not overlook the weight loss benefits it can induce.

In truth there are hundreds of acai berry products online, such as Pure Acai Berry, who actively do not endorse ‘free product trials’ and instead choose to focus on offering their consumers quality acai berry supplements.

Made from 100% pure, unaltered acai berry, Pure Acai Berry may not be the cheapest acai berry product on the market at £34.12, but for its cost consumers can experience the confidence of an acai berry product that is:

• Produced to the highest grading
• 100% pure (not an extract)
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• Quality assured, produced in CGMP facilities
• A powerful antioxidant support – highest ORAC rating
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• Able to prevent heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s

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How to Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Would you like to lose weight effectively without the common rebounds that many individuals face?
Are you looking for a lifestyle change and not a quick fix? If so, then getting to your target weight requires you to:

> Develop an effective workout plan

> Eat and live healthy

Workout Plan

If you would like to lose weight successfully, then you need to have a long-term workout plan that is easy to carry out and can help you meet your goals. When you first begin your routine, it is important that you take things slowly so that you reduce the chances of quitting. If your workout is too taxing or unrealistic, then you need to change it. You should start by working out a few days a week for about 1 hour.

Your plan should incorporate toning exercises, cardiovascular exercises and weights. By mixing things up a bit, you will not get bored or overwork certain areas of your body. If you sign up with a gym, then you should consult with a trainer on site so that you can learn which areas of your body you should be targeting and how to do it.

Daily Diet

In order to make permanent changes for your body, you will need to create a diet plan that you are ready to commit to over the long run. You can find plenty of examples through online research and diet books.

Consuming essential vitamins and nutrients is at the heart of any successful weight loss plan. However, it is not always possible to eat all of the recommended amounts of every essential food since most individuals lead very busy lives. It unfeasible to be constantly eating in order to have
enough omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which is why supplements play such as an important role.

One acai berry supplement from will not only satisfy your food cravings, but also help you lose weight. Each easy-to-take capsule includes:

  • ? Vitamin B1, B2, B3
    ? Vitamin E
    ? Vitamin C
    ? Calcium
    ? Copper
    ? Zinc
    ? Magnesium
    ? Potassium
    ? 19 Amino Acids

It also has 30 times more resveratol and anthocyanins than red wine, 50 times more cancer-fighting agents than mango and 2 times more antioxidants than pomegranate. All of these benefits are packed
into one small capsule that has 1500mg of organic, freeze-dried acai berries.

Using an all-natural product reduces your intake of toxins, chemicals, pesticides and fillers, which leads to a more effective weigh loss plan. Visit for more information!