How to Seduce Man

Discover the secrets to seduce your man and give give orgasm of life with this step by step picture tutorial. With this photo guide you may not need any explanation at all.

Step 1 : Warn up

Step 2: Oral delight

If he doesn’t get an erection by now he may have low testosterone. Probably it better to give him stuffs like Testogen 

Step 3: Action Begins

Get some sweet in return

Let him break all the barriers allow to reach your womb. By now you should reach orgasm with all the thirsts. If he lost his erection then take MaleExtra, which is fantastic

Finally he cums all over you. He would be your slave to do it again

Look into his face. Like like a kid right? He lost all his vigor, power and make ego by now. Wipeout and clean yourself and take a nap by cuddling him.